LDLuz – Lighting Design Studio,

Its main approach is that light is a medium and language to solve functional and ambient situations, that highlight the spatial qualities or architectural intentions, always adapted to specific site requirements and human wellbeing.

With a dynamic and creative team, we develop lighting concepts and strategies guided from project and client objectives, always accompanied by design excellence.

The combinations of aesthetic aspects, efficiency, budget control and integrated architectural lighting solutions to highlight the architecture and the whole design intentions are our vision and our commitment.

The work is oriented to artificial and daylight solutions, including an extensive local and international experience working in hospitality, restaurants, retail, exhibitions, and residential projects, among other typologies, all in collaboration with teams from multiple areas and disciplines.

Mariel is the founder of LDLuz – Lighting Design in Barcelona, Spain. She holds a master’s degree in Interior Design from the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain, and completed her architectural studies at the Universidad de Chile. Prior to establishing LDLuz in 2016, she worked near 11 years for renowned studios in Spain specializing in architectural lighting design. Dedicated to promoting lighting design as a recognized discipline, Mariel is deeply involved in the lighting community, and  currently serves on the Board of Director of the International Association of Lighting Design (IALD) and the Board of Directors of the Professional Association of Lighting Designers in Spain (APDI). A huge contributor to lighting education, she is a professor of the Lighting Design Master’s Program at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC) and teaches at the BAU- Centre Universitari de Disseny de Barcelona and at IED Escola superior de Disseny,  both in Barcelona and Madrid.

LDLuz – Lighting Design Studio, a specialized studio in Architectural Lighting Design in its different variations, and works with the support of its collaborators.

Mariah Pelaez                                Architect & Lighting Designer
Marie-Emmanuelle Naveau     Interior & Lighting Designer



Past Team Members: Janet Groves / Hugo Lamas